We train and enable you to better manage stress. We do not attempt to eliminate it altogether because we need a some amount of stress in our lives in order to achieve our goals.

Too much, however, can lead to fatigue, illness or unnecessary restrictions on our lives. Our Training and Coaching services empower you as individuals, groups, and organizations, enabling you to take a greater control of your own life and health, goals and relationships.

Individual Stress Control

We give you the theory, skills and techniques of Stress Management in a logical and user-friendly way.

The Individual Stress Control Training Course consists of 8 sessions, each having as its core a CD/digital audio with both a lecture and relaxation techniques. There are 8 lectures and relaxation exercises in all.

Organizational Stress Control

We provide a package of skills to enable employees and organizations/companies to better manage stress.

Our training provides an opportunity to tackle major workplace stressors using techniques from Problem Solving Therapy.

All sessions include master copies of questionnaires, logs, handouts and forms as your copies for your stress management programs, together with the same on CD/file.

Stress Control Coaching

With our own 11-step one-on-one personalized program that fine tunes your short-, mid-, or long-term goal, you will definitely see things on a new perspective, using applied structure, methodology, and tools to focus on your individual stress condition, and how you can manage it for long-term.

Each session is customized, based on your personal capacity, using your own pace, and sustains you for life.

Let’s beat stress together.

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