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RunVigor is your daily online companion in everything about wellness – including but not limited to natural beauty and skin care, healthfitness, and lifestyle.


Meet Alel

RunVigor-FounderFounded by Alel in 2016, RunVigor continues to advocate health and wellness through self-love and self-care with the use of affordable health, wellness, and  natural beauty and skin care products that make daily living comfortable and bearable, especially for those with special medical needs.



Our natural beauty skin care products focus on anti aging products and troublesome skin disorders based on the incredible moisturizing and skin healing properties of natural botanicals and herbs.

We have Virgin Coconut Oil and Vanuatu Tamanu Oil. Both of these "Wild Harvested" ingredients/products come from a pristine environment, virtually free from chemical pesticides and which provide valuable income opportunities for many Ni Vanuatu communities disadvantaged by remoteness in the outer islands of Vanuatu.

Aside from having products available for WORDLWIDE SHIPPING, we also have unique natural beauty stores that deliver exclusively to specific countries such as United Kingdom and United States, for faster delivery time and lower shipping fees.

We all live in a busy world. This is why RunVigor - Your Health and Wellness Corner was created as an online and all-around health and wellness organic and natural beauty and skin care information and product repository, where you can easily deal with the smallest and usually unnoticed health condition such as hair care, hand and foot care, all the way up to skin care and beauty.

Everything you need in maintaining a healthy and beautiful body is here, and it doesn't have to be expensive at all!
Get what your body needs. Care for your body.