7 Common Misconceptions About Mental Health

1. Mental illness is a sign of weakness. We sometimes get reaction from people who equate the expression “mental health” with the stigma of psychological sickness. Those remarks originate from individuals who naturally expect people with melancholy, nervousness, or other emotional mental conditions as less than “powerless.” Mental strength isn’t the same as psychological wellness.Continue reading “7 Common Misconceptions About Mental Health”

Secrets to a Longer Life

Life is finite. It has limits, in terms of years and quantity. This is why many people say it is the quality of life that matters. However, did you know that with proper care for our mind and body, we can prolong it and make the most out of it? Is it really possible toContinue reading “Secrets to a Longer Life”

Filipino Obsession on White Skin

        vs.        Although most Filipinos are born with nut-brown skin, our society has taught us not to be proud of it. After all, our actions are shaped by the standards set by the society and here in the Philippines, white is synonymous to beauty. In Chinese culture, white skin wasContinue reading “Filipino Obsession on White Skin”

The Science of Feeling Good

Feeling good is important in order to sustain a productive and healthy lifestyle. It is made up of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual processes of living that must be in harmony for a happy life. We’ll start off with the biological part because you could not feel good if you are not in a healthyContinue reading “The Science of Feeling Good”