7 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Skin Care

Skin Care is a simple beauty regimen but is one of the most neglected ones, and probably one that has the most rewarding or drastic effects in the years to come, depending on how you treat and religiously stick to it. Let me make skin care simple for you. Do the following skin care tricks,Continue reading “7 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Skin Care”

How to Stay Beautiful Under the Sun

The sun is a mighty element of nature. It provides vitamin D and natural daylight that aids in photosynthesis for plants. However, no matter how beneficial sun is, it still has some downsides, especially in our skin. As we already discussed previously, protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays is a must nowadays. What we’ll featureContinue reading “How to Stay Beautiful Under the Sun”

How to be Professionally Trendy and Down-to-earth Classy

Fashion is just as important as hair care and skin care. Although it is not directly linked to health, it contributes a lot to looking your best wherever you may be, most especially in the workplace. Just like what a famous saying states, “First impression lasts.” It is true. What other people see in us,Continue reading “How to be Professionally Trendy and Down-to-earth Classy”

The Science of Looking Young

Looking young plays a huge part in overall appeal and appearance, most importantly in the reputation of a person. When we were younger, most of us did not care much about how we look. However, as we become more and more mature in life, how people perceive us gets more and more important because itContinue reading “The Science of Looking Young”