7 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Skin Care

Skin Care is a simple beauty regimen but is one of the most neglected ones, and probably one that has the most rewarding or drastic effects in the years to come, depending on how you treat and religiously stick to it.

Let me make skin care simple for you. Do the following skin care tricks, and you’ll be plump and youthful the most practicable way:

  1. Hydrate!


Daily ample water intake and moisturizing are the best defenses against dry skin.  

Applying lotion once you get out of the shower seals within your skin the moisture that it has simply absorbed. Since hands are usually the primary indicators of aging, invest in a heavy moisturizer to stay in your bag, car, and office. 


  1. Stay Shaded.


Stop stretch marks and scars from getting darker with sun exposure by slathering them with a thick layer of sunblock. Apply a scar-minimizing topical at nighttime to repair damaged tissue while you slumber. 



  1. Don’t Underestimate Your Phone.


Staying away on your mobile phone or simply keeping it away from being in contact with your face for hours will result in breakouts and rashes on your jaw line and cheek. Keep antibacterial wipes handy to swipe your phone clean and make your skin stay clear. 


  1. Hair Care Stays for the Hair, Not for the Skin.


We know you do not apply hair product to your face, however the residue will end up there anyway. Next time you apply hairspray, cover your face with a clean towel to shield your skin. Also, use a sweatband after you hit the gym to keep the product from dripping down after you begin to sweat. 


  1. Sleep Does Magic.


Not obtaining enough Zzz’s will cause stress, that ends up in breakouts and a dull complexion.  

Bottom line: do not deprive your body and skin of sleep—it uses that point to regenerate and recover from your daily activities. 


  1. Don’t Forget Your Eyes.



The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, thus it shows the primary signs of aging. whether or not you are in your 20s, preventative care right now can keep your eyes looking healthy for years to come. 




  1. Scrub-a-Dub Those Dead Skin Cells Off


“When you exfoliate, you are evening out the skin’s surface by revealing fresh cells beneath,” says Annet King, director of global Education at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. “Exfoliate frequently to get rid of the dead, complexion-dulling skin cells that may offer you a dull look.” 


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