Trending Illnesses This Summer, What We Can Do About It

Summer has finally arrived! Time to enjoy the sun and make the best of travel. Before you do that though, you need to be fully-prepared physically, economically, mentally, and emotionally. And did I mention, physically? Health is important above all enjoyment in summer. Due to increased heat, humidity, and dryness around, and considering we just came from cold season, our bodies are more likely to adapt in order to maintain homeostasis. During adaptation process however, there could be some imbalances in our body. As such, the following are the trending illnesses this summer, according to the Department of Health:

Image result for summer illnesses doh

  1. heat stroke/sunburn
  • increased body temperature due to heat and excessive sweating
  • stay indoors as much as possible 10am-2pm
  • “Make sure that when you are outdoors, bring your umbrella or any protection against the sun. Also, drink a lot of water for rehydration.”
    • according to Department of Health Secretary Janette Garin
  1. diarrhea/food poisoning/vomiting
  • food gets spoiled easily, warm months

  1. sore eyes/conjunctivitis
  • bacterial/viral infection, allergies
  • no sharing of towels and eyeglasses
  • wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and avoid touching the face and eyes
  1. Skin diseases like an-an and athlete’s foot
  • due to the humid and hot weather
  • keep skin and feet clean and dry to avoid infections
  1. cough and colds/asthma
  • spread of bacteria and virus, increased moisture and humidity
  1. dog bites
  • increased activity outdoors
  • no classes, children playing outside unsupervised

Published by Alel Auxillos-Cayanan

Human Rights Trainer, Educator, Author, Life Coach, Nurse, Owner of RunVigor

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