Blood Type Weight Loss Diet Menu

Have you gone through countless weight loss diet menu in the past, only to no avail? It might be due to your blood type not being compatible with the diet plan you have chosen.


Blood type weight loss diet menu was initiated by naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo in 1996 through publishing a book in which he identified and described how people could live longer, be healthier, and achieve their ideal weight by eating in accordance with their blood type.

Believe it or not, he wrote in such book that a person’s choice of spices, condiments, and even workout weight loss plans should depend on one’s blood type. Soon after, his book became a best seller and people became conscious to find out their blood type, adjusting their grocery lists, and modifying how they exercised, ate, and planned about their health.

Here are some of his recommendations according to the “Eat Right for Your Type” diet:

Type A blood people should choose vegetables, fruit, seafood, turkey, tofu, and whole grains but you need avoid (or at least minimize) meat. For weight loss diet menu, consider adding pineapple, seafood, olive oil, vegetables, and soy. On the other hand, minimize or avoid wheat, dairy, corn, and kidney beans.

Type O blood people should eat lots of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and high-protein foods, but limit beans, grains, and legumes. To weight loss diet plans, add to your grocery list red meat, kelp, seafood, spinach, broccoli, and olive oil, while avoiding corn, wheat, and dairy.

Type AB blood people should eat tofu, dairy, lamb, grains, fish, fruits, and vegetables. For your weight loss diet menu, green vegetables, tofu, seafood, and kelp are best but buckwheat, chicken, corn, and kidney beans should be minimized or avoided.

Type B blood people should pick a diverse diet including fruit, meat, seafood, dairy, and grains. For your weight loss diet menu, you should choose eggs, liver, green vegetables, and licorice tea but avoid corn, chicken, peanuts, and wheat.

Take note however, that the recommendations for the blood type weight loss diets go beyond your food choices and works hand-in-hand with workout and exercise plans. For example, people with type O blood are encouraged to choose high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and aerobic exercise, as well as taking supplements for their highly-sensitive stomachs. On the other hand, individuals with type A blood should choose low-intensity workout weight loss exercises and activities and they need to include meditation as part of their weight loss and overall fitness routine.

How Effective Is It?

According to Harvard Health Publications of Harvard Medical School, high-quality research studies about the blood type diet had not been published in peer-reviewed medical literature. Even at present, a search in the medical publication for the author’s name shows no research about this diet. 2013 study analyzed the world’s medical publication and found no studies showing benefit from a blood type diet. Likewise, the 2014 study shows that while people who apply blood type weight loss diet menu had some improvement in certain cardiometabolic risk factors (such as blood pressure or cholesterol), those were unrelated to blood type.

Why Consider It, Though?

The main scientific connection and explanation is that blood type is closely related to our ability to digest certain types of foods. In considering blood type in eating, it makes sense that such proper diet will improve digestion, increase energy levels, help maintain ideal body weight, and prevent disease, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Type O was noted to be the original “ancestral” blood type of the earliest human beings who were hunter-gatherers. This means that their diets used to be high in animal protein.

Blood type A however was said to evolve when human beings started farming and therefore they had more vegetarian diets.

Group B blood types on the other hand were said to arise among nomadic tribes who are noted to consume a lot of dairy products.

Lastly, Group AB blood was supposed to have evolved from the intermingling of humans with types A and B blood, type AB diet suggestions were intermediate between those for people with types A and B blood.


Advocates and supporters of blood type diet plans may say that while there was no concrete study yet about this, the absence of proof does not prove that they are totally ineffective. Likewise, there’s also no evidence that these diets are detrimental to human health.

However, there’s practically a reason why bookstores have numerous books on diet, each claiming to be highly effective if not the best.

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  1. As a Primal-Paleo advocate your recommendations for type O blood type is right down my alley. I’ve had problems with other diet plans until a friend introduced me to the Primal lifestyle. After that everything changed for the better. I was not aware that you should develop a diet plan based on your blood type. Definitely it is something I would be interested in learning more about.

    1. Hi Primo! It’s actually another perspective in dieting which practically makes sense because blood types have unique attributes which may or may not react with food we take in. I mentioned an academic journal and study here, courtesy of Harvard Medical School Publication. You can check the links I incorporated in this post for the complete journal text. Despite being under study, iIt is to be noted that everything inside our body is designed to react to whatever is introduced to it through our bloodstream. 🙂 


      Primal-Paleo diet also fascinates me. That diet type makes perfect sense regarding human biological make-up.

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