“Approx. 40M Deaths Worldwide caused by NCDs.”- WHO

As much as you protect yourself from outside, boost and gear up your insides too!

According to the World Health Organization, just in 2015, an estimated 40 million deaths occurred due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs), accounting for 70% of the overall total of 56 million deaths.

The majority of these deaths were caused by the four main NCDs:

  • Cardiovascular disease, 17.7 million deaths (45% of all NCD deaths);
  • Cancer, 8.8 million deaths (22%);
  • Chronic respiratory disease, 3.9 million deaths (10%); and,
  • Diabetes, 1.6 million deaths (4%).

The risk of dying from any one of the four main NCDs between 30 and 70 years old decreased from 23% in 2000 to 19%.

In high-income countries, age- based cardiovascular death rates have declined rapidly in recent years, while mortality rates from the other main NCDs have fallen at a slower pace.  Check the graph below:


Although age- based cardiovascular death rates and chronic respiratory death rates have improved substantially in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), they remain far higher than rates in high-income countries. Compare the yearly results below:

Several contributing factors have a certain impact on the occurrence of NCDs. Some of these include the following:

How do you maintain your health, prevent, and/or manage these NCDs? Comment below!

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