Hey everyone! Welcome to RunVigor, your Online Fitness and Weight Loss Partner! I’m Lily, and I will keep you company for this entire trip to the world of health and wellness.


I’m a Registered Nurse by profession, which is why I have the authority to officially promote health and wellness to as many people as possible. It is actually a mandate of nurses to be health and wellness advocates, from birth to death, in other words, all walks of life.

Way back college, we nursing students used to go door-to-door to let people in the community know that we all should be aware of how to stay as healthy as possible.

Life is beautiful. If things are going bad, try going outdoors and just take a look at the sky. The trees. Babies. Dogs. Whatever fascinates you. That’s exactly what I’m here for, to bring out the healthiest in you so you would get the best that life has to offer for you and for the ones that you love.

Here with me on RunVigor, we will discuss in-detail, in the simplest and the most interesting form I could ever think of, anything and everything about health, wellness, sports, fitness, weight loss, muscle building, beauty, and the like.

You can also suggest topics you want me to write and talk about. If you have health-related questions, just ask me HERE. I also have friends who are doctors in almost all fields of medicine. I can ask them for you. So, just stay subscribed and start following RunVigor right now. Click here and subscribe to us to stay updated!

RunVigor is your online companion in everything about wellness – including but not limited to weight loss, health, fitness, looking good, lifestyle, and food.


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